1. What is your policy regarding children?

At Playa Viva, we love children. Many of our design considerations are made around a few guiding principles that relate to children. 1) Children Need Wild Places - We provide a safe environment for children to explore, to learn, the play, to sing, to be happy. 2) It Takes a Village - Playa Viva was designed around community, creating a community that supports all kinds of families and their children. 3) Children need a place they can call their own - The Common Area was designed to provide children, big and small, with the fun stuff to play, create, explore and more.

2. Are lifeguards on duty at your pools or on the beach?
No, lifeguards are NOT on duty at pool nor on the beach. We all try to keep an eye on what’s going on, but the ultimate and sole responsibility of your safety and that of your children and guests depends on you. Be careful and use your best judgment. We recommend that you swim with a buddy at all times.

3. Do you offer day care?
Playa Viva has developed a work/live program that attracts practitioners of many different disciplines from massage, to nutrition, to child care. At any given time, we may have childcare professionals to assist with activities for youth of all ages. We also hire local caregivers to work with children as needed to support parents so they can relax a little more and maximize their stay. If you need child care services during your stay, please provide sufficient advance notice.

4. Does Playa Viva offer activities specifically designed for children?
We offer lots of activities beyond just swimming at the pool (which we find our children can do almost all day). Activities include art, games, kayaking, turtle release and more.

5. What are the regulations for children under 18 years old traveling to Mexico?
If you are a U.S. citizen and a single parent or will be traveling with your children, but without your spouse, or you are under 18 years old traveling alone, we have been informed by the airlines that special paperwork is NO longer required to leave the U.S. and enter Mexico. This may change and it’s always good to double check. Please check with your airline or with the US State Department.