This is an aerial view of the room layout of Playa Viva. Toggle from one image to the next to see labels.

Playa Viva has 200 acres. This is Zone "0" from a permaculture perspective and covers about 2% of the total property.

Entrance is upper right. You can see the blue tiles of the solar array which powers all of Playa Viva. Across from those panels is the garden and chicken coop for fresh veggies and eggs.  The beachfront is at the bottom of the pictures. Starting from the bottom right you can see rooms 1-12. Room 1 is an EcoKing, Rooms 2, 3, &4 are EcoQueen, 5 is an EcoKing. Then you see the silvery looking peaks of Casa Tortuga that has a rooms 6, 7 8 & 9 repectively a Studio, Deluxe Suite, Deluxe Suite and Studio.  Next to that is a EcoKing. The Reception/Office/Boutique is a rectangular building with clay tile roof. Below that you see the Common Area with the pool, kitchen, dining, living room, etc.  The Private Casita is the silvery palapa above that and the Treehouse is nestled up the beach from all of these. Finally you can see the Yoga platform as the large rectangle in the upper left corner.