Our Message To You Regarding COVID-19

These are unprecedented times.  Below is an update on how Playa Viva is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how we can all help our community and ecosystem be resilient in our response to this crisis. We will be sure to keep you updated on the situation here To get the most timely future updates […]

2015 Mexico Peace Index

Reposted from Borderland Beat from content developed and distributed by Vision of Humanity's Mexico Peace Index.  Playa Viva is located in the State of Guerrero which is rated as the Least Peaceful state. It appears that the factor contributing most to this rating is the high rate of homicide (most likely taking into consideration the […]

Update from US State Department on Travel in Mexico

The US State Department recently updated it's travel advisory for Mexico. While this is generally for US State Department employees, it also applies to US citizens traveling in Mexico. You can find the full advisory including specific updates for each Mexican State. Below we have included the first few lines of the General Conditions followed […]

Staff Development at Playa Viva

Remember taking your Red Cross Lifeguard Certification training down at the community pool when you were growing up. Well I did and when I got these photos from Monica, those memories just flooded back. As we were closing for Season 3 (2011-2012), Monica Oyarzun lead our GIIRS re-certification. As part of this process, we engaged out […]

We are often asked, "Is Playa Viva safe?" With all the news you hear, read and see about violence in Mexico, it's hard not to see how some folks extrapolate the gore across all of Mexico.  So it is with great interest that this story crossed my in-box showing that murder in Ciudad Juarez has […]

Despite Violence, U.S. Firms Expand in Mexico

We keep getting asked how the violence in Mexico effects our business. Here is an interesting article in the New York Times. Excerpt below: "Despite the bleak outlook the drug war summons, the Mexican economy is humming along, not without warning signs, but growing considerably faster than that of the United States. Even as drug […]

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