A Return Trip to Playa Viva: The Same but Different

“Back to Playa Viva? For the third time?” When my fiance (now wife) said she wanted to visit Playa Viva again for our honeymoon, I had my reservations. Not because we both don’t love it—we do—but we tend toward exploring new places. And I thought that would continue. Even the fact that we’d been to […]

Lessons About Resilience & Regeneration as a Result of COVID-19

COVID-19 is like a major jolt to our systems. Unlike a fire, flood, hurricane or other natural disaster, what is being destroyed here are human-to-human connections due to social distancing and our health and economic systems. Ironically, one is protected and preserved from the same behaviors that deteriorate the other. We all know and understand […]

109 World + Playa Viva = A Priceless Experience

A Retreat That Prizes Service as Well as Mindfulness. This past December we were thrilled to welcome back 109 World to host a second retreat at Playa Viva and to continue their volunteer work with La Tortuga Viva.  109 World is dedicated to "Retreats that improve your happiness and fulfillment through caring for oneself and […]

A Season of Impact at Playa Viva

Playa Viva's Season 10 Social Impact As 2019 comes to a close, it is a wonderful time for all of us to reflect on the past year and Season 10 of Playa Viva.  We want to take the chance to share with you some of our key achievements in the community in 2019 and thank […]

Adopt A Student and Change a Life

Update: Dec 2019 - The new Adopt a Student Program is off to an incredible start! All 7 of our original candidates had their scholarships funded, plus an eighth student. So far we have 3 in the middle school and 5 in the elementary school. All fees, school lunches, supplies and uniforms are covered. There […]

Playa Viva is more than a hotel. It is a project.

Creating Transformational Experiences at Playa Viva, as a Core Principle and what that means. Transformation is has become one of those buzzwords we hear so much today in travel, up there with Experiential and Immerse. At Playa Viva, the transformation is not just about the guest who comes in stressed and walks out relaxed. Transformation […]

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