A Simple Salt and Its Complex Journey to Your Plate

If you’ve visited Playa Viva, then you’ve had a chance to try Juluchuca’s local organic sea salt. A small bowl is on the table at every Playa Viva meal and salt crystals adorn the rims of many of the bar’s delicious drinks. Using local salt means that the extra pinch you toss on the morning […]

Is Ecotourism far too bloody upmarket?

In a discussion group I follow on sustainable tourism, one of the members stated asked, "Ecotourism is far too bloody upmarket.  How can we get 'the message' to the average person?" The following is my response which I thought worthy of republishing on Playa Viva's blog. Peter, I was listening to the news this morning […]

Sal Viva Now Available for Purchase Online

Sal Viva, "the Salt of Life", harvested in Juluchuca, right down the road from Playa Viva, is now available online for purchase through our partners at Purchase an 8 oz package which is now available online for $9.95 and in the process preserve land, save animals and do good. This is the best salt […]

Tread Lightly Wherever You Travel

A recent guest at Casa Viva, our sister property in Troncones, recommended that we provide bags at the gate to the beach so that guests can use them to put trash when they walk the beach. We listened and added our own twist, the bags we are providing for beach clean up are all made […]

From the Sublime to the Mundane – Hope Springs Eternal

Ever since the morning of Wednesday, November 5th, the sun seems to shine with a brighter patina in the morning.  On Tuesday, November 4th, I picked up Sandra at the airport, she had just returned on Northwest Air from 4 days of door-to-door canvasing in Columbus, OH.  At 6:31 PM, Pacific time, on our way to the home […]

China’s Greatest Export?

It does NOT take long for the pollution in China (and, there's plenty of it), to travel to the SF Bay Area. Check this out: Talk about our global connectedness. Make's you wonder what we're doing here to 'somewhere over there'... ?

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