Inspiring Young Ocean Conservationists

Bringing Marine Conservation Workshops to Juluchuca's Youth. It’s no surprise that Juluchucans love the ocean. Whether it’s fishing, swimming, or just hanging out, the local beach is a popular place on evenings and weekends. Residents have a deep knowledge of their local marine ecosystem. They easily recognize subtle changes that occur in the water over […]

109 World + Playa Viva = A Priceless Experience

A Retreat That Prizes Service as Well as Mindfulness. This past December we were thrilled to welcome back 109 World to host a second retreat at Playa Viva and to continue their volunteer work with La Tortuga Viva.  109 World is dedicated to "Retreats that improve your happiness and fulfillment through caring for oneself and […]

Nature is Awesome!

Experience the Humpback Whale Migration at Playa Viva! The word "awesome" is probably overused but sometimes there's just no better way to say it.  Nature has a way of leaving us in awe, and never more so than when she makes us feel small in the face some natural wonder.  Getting up close to a […]

The Secret Lives of Pets in Juluchuca

Update:  Dec 2019 - A Lasting Gift to the Community In May our first spay and neuter clinic was a huge success. We surpassed $3,500 in funds raised, and brought a group of volunteer veterinarians to Juluchuca where they performed 113 successful surgeries, and activated a new generation of animal advocates through a new local […]

Deeper Engagement Opens New Opportunities for Service

Get Your Hands Dirty And Make A Difference This past spring, we welcomed Anne-Lauren Graham, founder of Radiant Spiral Retreats, for a second year as a holistic host and retreat leader.  In each of those capacities, Anne Lauren found ways to deepen her connection with the local community.  The holistic host is a multi-faceted role […]

Real Impact – Johnny Adventure Hangs His Own Shingle

Juan Carlos Solís, affectionately known as Johnny, has been part of the Playa Viva team almost since inception in 2009. Known for his big smile and infectious laugh, Johnny always seems to be on the move, whether at Playa Viva or in his hometown of Juluchuca. From creative mixologist to excursions leader extraordinaire to budding […]

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