“Our Oceans Our Future”

#WorldOceansDay Happy World Oceans Day! At Playa Viva (“Living Beach”) it’s in our name to keep our coast and ocean healthy, alive, and thriving. Our oceans are essential to life as we know it on the planet: 70% of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean, they help regulate our climate, provide a significant […]

Turismo Sustentable – Playa Viva Los invitamos a ver este vídeo producido por Oliver Velazquez sobre el tema de Turismo Sustentable y como Playa Viva esta haciendo su parte en promover biodiversidad, la comunidad local, energía y agua renovable y limpia y turismo "deluxe" que atrae la gente local y extranjera para el beneficio de la comunidad y el […]


This year a heavy draught hit most of Mexico and was especially strong at the pacific cost. Here at Playa Viva we got at the most five mild rains through all the season, our north lagoon got dry for the first time, according to people that have lived in the area or the last sixty […]

Mangroves at Playa Viva

Three types of Mangroves grow in México: Rhizophora, Avicennia, Laguncularia and Conacarpus.  Though Conacarpus is not strictly speaking a mangrove, it is so interrelated in the ecosystem it warrants inclusion in the category Initially in playa viva there were only Laguncularia (white mangroves), and Concarpus (button mangrove), but after more then one year of working […]

Was that a flamingo??

“I think I see a flamingo!” While we have many amazing species of birds migrating through Playa Viva every year, flamingos are not among them. Yet on my last visit to the land, several of us spotted the tell-tale pink feathers and long pink legs on a bird and wondered what could it possibly be. […]

“Playa Viva exceeds my expectations in every way!”

Fielding calls about Playa Viva from all over the U.S., I’m meeting a lot interesting, visionary people. Even among this group there was something special about the landscape contractor / designer from Utah I met last month. She was so inspired by what she saw on our website that she basically decided to jump on […]

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