What are Juluchuca’s Children Doing While School is Closed?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, it is estimated that 9 out of 10 children around the world are currently out of school. For most students in the U.S., this means distance learning, with students studying online on tablets or laptops. Here in Juluchuca, school is also out of session, but with little technology to support […]

The Streets of Juluchuca, Mexico

What the Coronavirus Pandemic Means for Juluchuca

For anyone who has been to Juluchuca, it’s easy to tell that it’s a vibrant town for a community of just 500 residents. The morning rush is usually the busiest time of day, with parents shuffling their kids off to school and heading to work themselves. Then there’s always the midday lull when the sun […]

Our Message To You Regarding COVID-19

These are unprecedented times.  Below is an update on how Playa Viva is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how we can all help our community and ecosystem be resilient in our response to this crisis. We will be sure to keep you updated on the situation here To get the most timely future updates […]

Juluchuca Limpio is Thriving!

Juluchuca is home to one of the only recycling programs on the Costa Grande.    Why is that?  First, as with many services that many residents of modern cities might take for granted, the reality of a small community in rural Mexico is that local residents must come together to organize services for themselves that […]

Inspiring Young Ocean Conservationists

Bringing Marine Conservation Workshops to Juluchuca's Youth. It’s no surprise that Juluchucans love the ocean. Whether it’s fishing, swimming, or just hanging out, the local beach is a popular place on evenings and weekends. Residents have a deep knowledge of their local marine ecosystem. They easily recognize subtle changes that occur in the water over […]

A Place to Come Together

Building A New Community Plaza In Juluchuca What unites a community? What brings us together? These are questions we all ask ourselves at holiday times, and something I’ve thought about often since moving to Juluchuca a little over a year ago. With roughly 500 residents, Juluchuca is certainly a small, close-knit agricultural community. Residents are […]

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