Step Into Our New Beachside Massage Palapas and Yoga Platform

 Slip into the natural world, remember you are connected. Do you know that you can actually watch bamboo grow? Or that if you hold your hand a certain way you can affect the breath that rises and falls within your chest? Connection to nature offers us an opportunity to slow down and become quiet enough […]

Been Too Long Since We Blogged…so Restarting with “Award Winning”

Why has it been so long since our last blog post? Simple, we revamped the website about a year ago and the blog was not part of the new site. But many of you were still searching, finding and commenting on content on our blog; so we decided to bring it back and incorporate it […]

La Tortuga Viva: Predator-Proofing 101

  With an average of 6 turtle nests ransacked by predators each night, the more that our volunteer team can reach and relocate to the safe, secure haven of  La Tortuga Viva Turtle Sanctuary, the better! Yet our rivals - mainly coatis and tejones - are a cunning bunch, and as they refuse to rest […]

What you can measure you can manage

When we first undertook the GIIRS (Global Impact Investing Rating System) assessment in 2013, we realized that while we thought we were doing "all the right things" we could do a better job of tracking our progress to see if we were actually getting it right. Thus obtaining key metrics and measuring our performance against those metrics […]

The ABC’s of Local Produce

Yes, the alphabet starts with ‘A’ – I can’t change that. But neither can I change that this story begins with ‘B,’ so that’s where I’ll start. Beto Bravo began with basil, bringing a bunch of bodies together to build a business. La Costa, the organic producers cooperative where I work, began with one man […]

Precious Treasures of Playa Viva

Treasures abound at Playa Viva.  The garden is overflowing with jewels from the land with lettuce, carrots, beats and tomatoes. So many tomatoes. The staff doesn't know what to do with them. What do we do with all these tomatoes? And then, David surprised us all with his unannounced arrival at Playa Viva. All I […]

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