Contributing to Cleaner Water & Energy

Contributing to more abundant water and energy sources is a Core Value at Playa Viva. We live next to the sea, and at times of the year the river here is so full it carves new paths in the landscape as water forces its way across fields and forests. During our two rainy months, you’ll […]

The Impact of Our Travel

This holiday season (or any season), I challenge you to consider the impact your travel has on the planet, the communities you visit and on you (and your daily habits) far outweighs the carbon your seat(s) on that plane add. As a conscious consumer and thus a conscious traveler, I would argue, that where you […]

Earth Day, Juluchuca – Community in Action

This Earth Day the community of Juluchuca, where Playa Viva is located, were so engaged, involved and excited about the trash clean up, turtle release, tree planting and recycling endeavors that it could have also been called Community Day. This Community Earth Day started in the morning with the Playa Viva team working jointly with […]

From the Sublime to the Mundane – Hope Springs Eternal

Ever since the morning of Wednesday, November 5th, the sun seems to shine with a brighter patina in the morning.  On Tuesday, November 4th, I picked up Sandra at the airport, she had just returned on Northwest Air from 4 days of door-to-door canvasing in Columbus, OH.  At 6:31 PM, Pacific time, on our way to the home […]

Only the Palm Trees Were Left Standing

  When I saw this picture on the cover of the New York Times yesterday, my first reaction was the shock at the devastation the woman was standing upon.  After the initial shock, I noticed the background. What was left standing, the palm trees.  As the developer of Playa Viva, where we are building low […]

China’s Greatest Export?

It does NOT take long for the pollution in China (and, there's plenty of it), to travel to the SF Bay Area. Check this out: Talk about our global connectedness. Make's you wonder what we're doing here to 'somewhere over there'... ?

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