A Place to Come Together

Building A New Community Plaza In Juluchuca What unites a community? What brings us together? These are questions we all ask ourselves at holiday times, and something I’ve thought about often since moving to Juluchuca a little over a year ago. With roughly 500 residents, Juluchuca is certainly a small, close-knit agricultural community. Residents are […]

Adopt A Student and Change a Life

Update: Dec 2019 - The new Adopt a Student Program is off to an incredible start! All 7 of our original candidates had their scholarships funded, plus an eighth student. So far we have 3 in the middle school and 5 in the elementary school. All fees, school lunches, supplies and uniforms are covered. There […]

Jóvenes Construyendo el Futuro

Helping Local Youth Build Themselves a Better Future In December 2018, Mexico’s federal government created a program, Jóvenes Construyendo el Futuro, to respond to an increasingly high number of unemployed youth in nearly every region of the country. The government program, headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), seeks to create pathways to remove vulnerable […]

Pack for a Purpose When You Visit Playa Viva

On your next trip to Playa Viva, the unused space in your suitcase can make a BIG difference.  We’ve teamed up with Pack for a Purpose to give our guests an easy way to deliver necessary supplies to our nearby communities.   These donations all directly support ongoing social impact programs,  with items such as gently […]

Tourism can make a positive impact on the local community

Tourism, Playa Viva style, is a force for positive impact and change.  What is the proper role of Playa Viva in that change?  What are the most effective processes to create impact?  We are always learning and improving our understanding of how to positively impact our community. In May of 2019, I was invited to […]

Playa Viva 2018 Social Impact Report

Playa Viva opened in 2009 and had set up a set of core values and mission to promote and implement a positive impact on the local community and ecosystem.  However, the team never did a true baseline study from which to measure the impact the work of the hotel would have in the community and […]

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