Hotel Waste Streams and Permaculture Principles

We jumped feet first (literally!) into our own trash!    We decided that 2020 was high time for Playa Viva to revisit our own waste streams inside the hotel.  Using one of the most important permaculture principles, apply self-regulation and accept feedback, I spent three consecutive days sorting our waste with the intention of understanding […]

Playa Viva Checks All My Boxes – Even Some I Didn’t Know I Had

Playa Viva was recently host to a film crew from England who were producing a segment about Playa Viva for a show about some of the most incredible hotels of the world (stay tuned for more info about this). During my interview, the producer asked me, “What makes Playa Viva so different, so special, so […]

The Impact of Our Travel

This holiday season (or any season), I challenge you to consider the impact your travel has on the planet, the communities you visit and on you (and your daily habits) far outweighs the carbon your seat(s) on that plane add. As a conscious consumer and thus a conscious traveler, I would argue, that where you […]

“Our Oceans Our Future”

#WorldOceansDay Happy World Oceans Day! At Playa Viva (“Living Beach”) it’s in our name to keep our coast and ocean healthy, alive, and thriving. Our oceans are essential to life as we know it on the planet: 70% of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean, they help regulate our climate, provide a significant […]

Conservation Role Models

AFAR Magazine included Playa Viva in a list of "Conservation Role Models" in a round up of hotels where you can "Go for Good", a listing of hotels where you can stay and help support great causes.  Playa Viva support of great causes starts with creating a positive social and environmental impact in the local ecology […]

“Where Your Vacation Meets Your Values” — voting with your dollar (investing and spending)

Recently, I've been reading alot about the growth of the social impact investing space and wanted to address this in the context of social impact spending and how we vote with the dollars we spend as much as those we invest. In an article by Stephanie Cohn Rupp of the Threshold Group,  she addresses the size […]

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