Nature is Awesome!

Experience the Humpback Whale Migration at Playa Viva! The word "awesome" is probably overused but sometimes there's just no better way to say it.  Nature has a way of leaving us in awe, and never more so than when she makes us feel small in the face some natural wonder.  Getting up close to a […]

Real Impact – Johnny Adventure Hangs His Own Shingle

Juan Carlos Solís, affectionately known as Johnny, has been part of the Playa Viva team almost since inception in 2009. Known for his big smile and infectious laugh, Johnny always seems to be on the move, whether at Playa Viva or in his hometown of Juluchuca. From creative mixologist to excursions leader extraordinaire to budding […]

Concentric Circles of Caring – the Guest Experience at Playa Viva

At Playa Viva, we look at the guest experience not as a single element but as a continuation and as a whole system. What do I mean by this? Well you can see this best in what I call “the concentric circles of caring for the guest.” Experiential Travel...what does that really mean? The guest […]

Turtle Beach Night Patrol

A unique and gratifying adventure in conservation As you head out after dark with the turtle sanctuary volunteers on ATVs your work is to scan the beach, to identifying turtle tracks, and locate nests to collect vulnerable turtle eggs. If left on the beach, the nests are susceptible to predation from dogs and racoons as […]

Step Into Our New Beachside Massage Palapas and Yoga Platform

 Slip into the natural world, remember you are connected. Do you know that you can actually watch bamboo grow? Or that if you hold your hand a certain way you can affect the breath that rises and falls within your chest? Connection to nature offers us an opportunity to slow down and become quiet enough […]

Playa Viva’s Horticultural Hike – A Superfood & Herbal Remedy Wonderland

One of the many wonderful things about Playa Viva is that you don't have to venture far to explore the best that Mexico's native wildlife has to offer. In fact, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your secluded, sustainably-built casita! Since being here, I've spotted humpback whales and dolphins close to shore, […]

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