Step Into Our New Beachside Massage Palapas and Yoga Platform

Posted by odysys_admin on January 31, 2019

 Slip into the natural world, remember you are connected.

Do you know that you can actually watch bamboo grow? Or that if you hold your hand a certain way you can affect the breath that rises and falls within your chest?

Connection to nature offers us an opportunity to slow down and become quiet enough to witness the subtle movements of life.

When we are contained within walls, viewing the outside world through glass, we miss the sounds, smells, and pulsations of the natural world. We become oblivious to the profound ways in which we are connected to everything.

In order to resonate fully, to be alive fully, life must pass through us. We need to allow movement within and around us.

Playa Viva provides an invitation to seamlessly merge with the elements.

Like the waves you will see crashing upon the beach, or the warm breeze you’ll feel dancing across your skin, like the flowing movements in your morning yoga practice, or the smooth rejuvenating touch during your massage—life vibrates powerfully here.

You can look into yourselves through healing arts, meditation, sound and movement in order to fine tune and align with all which surrounds and sustains you.

At Playa Viva, everyone works WITH the elements instead of resisting them as a result, we are healing and raising the vibration of this land, of our communities, and most importantly of ourselves.

Absolved of “real life” duties, we can sit in the lap of nature and feel the earth breathe. we have the space to witness our own breath and how we are breathing with the earth.

We then have the space to notice our thoughts and feelings. Within nature, the moment is ripe for staying put, for listening inside and out with deeper awareness, for truly experiencing our interconnectedness. Now is the time to say yes to the invitation. Slip into the natural world, remember you are connected. Open your eyes and your heart and slow yourself down.

“This is Playa Viva.”

Britta y Caro

Britta Rael is a yoga teacher, community architect and entrepreneur based in Joshua Tree, CA. Learn more about her work at


Carolyn Cohen is an international teacher of AcroYoga, Thai Massage, and movement with a clinical practice for bodywork and acupuncture in the Bay Area.


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