Playa Viva - Juluchuca, Guerrero, 40834, Mexico

Workshops and Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats and wellness workshops are some of our favorite groups to host at Playa Viva. Click on the links below for more information on the individual workshops and yoga retreats. If you have a favorite teacher or topic, please let us know, send them our way, or contact us about scheduling your own special event.

Seasons 8 and 9 Workshops and Yoga Retreats

  • Andi Donovan in twisting lunge

Donovan Yoga and Wellness Retreat with Andi & Dan Donovan

November 1-8, 2017

details coming soon

  • Beth Prandini Yang on Beach

Yin & Yang Yoga in Mexico with Erika Chau and Beth Prandini

November 9-13, 2017

additional info coming soon

  • PVRetreat_19_PhotoCredit@SteveKeller

Sand and Sea Mexico Retreat

November 17-24, 2017

additional info coming soon

  • yoga retreat beachfront

WAYS Escape 4

December 6-10, 2017

details coming soon

  • 37980036

3rd Annual Reology Retreat with Jake and Hannah Eagle

January 27-February 3, 2018 

additional info coming soon

  • PVRetreat_22_PhotoCredit@KevinSteele

Restore, Relax, Rejuvate with Michelle Cordero

February 4-10, 2018

additional info coming soon

  • Host- AnjAlok faces

Couples Retreat: 5th Annual Contact Yoga with Anjuli and Alok

February 10-15, 2018

additional info coming soon

  • PVRetreat_14Photo_Credit@WeAreYoungSouls

5 Elements Retreat: Yoga and Ayurveda with Kameko and Adam

March 1-6, 2018

additional info coming soon

  • Food-Play-400x544

Tropical Transformation with Tory Dube and Lauren Lee

March 10-17, 2018

additional info coming soon

Past Yoga Retreats

  • yoga retreat beachfront

We Are Young Souls Escape Three

November 30 - December 4, 2016

A Favorite Yoga Retreat Resort

Playa Viva has become a favorite destination for yoga retreats and wellness workshops. Here retreat leaders and guests are immersed in a spectacularly rich ecological setting, surrounded by the majestic Sierra Madre mountains on one side, and the three mile stretch of pristine each on the other.

At Playa Viva, you can restore health to the mind, body and spirit, without sacrificing the amenities usually found at a 5-star resort. Everything at Playa Viva yoga retreats is yoga-friendly, including the people.

At Playa Viva yoga retreats, you will experience a peace and tranquility you've never known, enabling you to break free of the stresses and pressures of life so that you can focus on a your wellness and healthier existence.

Playa Viva is a favorite choice of yoga leaders and guests who want the perfect combination of beautiful surroundings and pampered living, without the expense of a 5-star resort. Healthy dining is a hallmark of Playa Viva yoga retreats, which aids in the harmony of the body and mind.

Accommodations include private casitas, deluxe suites, studio, and the famous Playa Viva Treehouse, which features a king bed, private bath and magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean.

Whether you are leading yoga retreats or just want to attend one, Playa Viva can help restore vitality, energy, and focus to your life. To learn more about Playa Viva and our yoga retreats please call (800) 397-6093 or visit


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