Playa Viva - Juluchuca, Guerrero, 40834, Mexico

Sacred Love Warrior - Tantra Retreat in Mexico

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A 7 day retreat celebrating Tantra and sacred sexuality

January 13 - 20, 2018

Whether you’re single or in partnership, treat yourself to an exquisite celebration of love and intimacy on a breathtaking beach with the Sacred Love Warrior Tantra retreat. Don’t settle for stale, unfulfilling sex when you’ve already tasted the beauty of conscious lovemaking. Discover the depth and joy of Tantra, step into your power through sacred sexuality, and ignite your lovemaking. Find your tribe of Sacred Love Warriors who are committed to growing, loving, and living with passion!

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What to expect

♡ 6 evenings of sacred Tantric rituals and pujas for heart-opening and erotic fire

♡ 2 workshop sessions each day for an Initiation into the experience of Tantra including:

♡ Tantra philosophy and spiritual practice

♡ Sexuality of the Chakras

♡ Tantric practices for releasing shame, guilt, fear, and limiting beliefs

♡ Owning our sexual fantasies and embracing our shadows

♡ Men’s Tantric Practice – sexual vitality and stamina, non-ejaculatory orgasms, full body orgasms

♡ Women’s Tantric Practice – types of female orgasms, embodying your full sexual power

♡ Tantric Lovemaking practices

♡ Stepping into the role of the healer

♡ Morning Chakra-Yoga specifically designed for Tantra

♡ A free day to explore, relax, or volunteer at the neighboring sea turtle sanctuary

♡ An unforgettable week of exploration, intimacy, sensuality, growth, and sacred celebration!

What's Included

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  • Beachfront accommodations, including all taxes (7 nights and 6 days)
  • Roundtrip Airport Ground Transfers (fly into Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo - ZIH)
  • Mostly organic and local meals prepared 3 times a day by an amazing house chef
  • Coffee/Tea and aguas frescas + snacks offered throughout each day
  • Daily chakra-focused hatha yoga in a tropical setting where the ocean and mountains/jungle are your backdrop! (mats & props provided)

Additional charges apply for alcoholic drinks (Playa Viva has a full bar and an incredible house organic basil margarita) and smoothies, massage/spa services, excursions, gratuities and optional donation to sea turtle sanctuary.

All may be added to your room bill and paid upon check out.

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Before October 1

All prices are per person & include all taxes and services/amenities as listed above.

Group of 3 to 4:  $1800
Couple, Queen Ecocasita: $2050
Couple, King Ecocasita: $2150
Single, Studio: $2050
Single, Queen Ecocasita: $2650
Single King Ecocasita: $2950

Prices increase $100 on October 1st!

All prices are per person. To see descriptions of the different room types go here.

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To enroll

To make a reservation, please visit Contact Matt Sturm at with any questions.

About the Ritual Tantra team: Leslie Grace and Matt Sturm

  • Retreat Ldr LeslieMattTantra

Leslie Grace

  • Retreat Ldr Leslie Grace

As a Sex & Intimacy Coach I work interactively with men, women, and couples, empowering them to discover their radiant confidence, smoldering sensuality, and to explore the deep, delicious dimensions of their sexual nature they may have only dreamed of. A modern-day sexual healer and muse, I invite my clients into a unique, experiential and often quite intimate connection that evokes the fullness of one’s erotic potential. I am deeply devoted to helping men and woman liberate their sexual energy and align themselves with love in order to be the most powerful force of change on the planet they can be!

My work is based on my training in The Somatica Method of Sex Therapy and Relationship Coaching and the Interchange Counseling Institute’s innovative year-long program. I am a Certified Tantric Educator through the Source School of Tantra, and studied Tantra through the International School of Temple Arts, and Shawn Roop's Certified Tantra Counselor Program, as well as a private mentorship with world-renowned Tantric coach and educator, Triambika MaVive. With 5 years of experience as a Registered Nurse and a degree in Biopsychology and Cognitive Science, I have a deep appreciation for the mind-body connection and how we can utilize our sexuality as a source of healing and personal evolution.

Matt Sturm

I am following a calling to share the gift of Tantra with the world. Through workshops, coaching, and private sessions, we will integrate meditation, yoga, sexuality, and ritual into your path of spiritual growth. I teach hands-on methods for inhabiting our bodies, connecting with the breath, cultivating deep intimacy, and tuning in to the universal love within us all. My approach is practical and experiential with just the right amount of Woo. Ultimately, my goal is to raise consciousness and inspire greater love within my students and community.

I first studied Tantra and Hatha yoga at Agama Yoga in Thailand. I am a Certified Tantra Educator through Source Tantra and a certified Yoga Teacher through Body Temple Yoga. I am currently studying the Hakomi Method of psychotherapy.

  • Retreat Ldr Matt Sturm

Why Sacred Love Warrior?

We call it Sacred Love Warrior because the path of Tantra is a Warrior’s path – it is not for the faint of heart. Tantra involves being with what is present, feeling through the hard, stuck places within ourselves, and a dedication to knowing truth. This is a path into the service of Life – of being vibrant and whole, of cultivating deep, nourishing relationships, and of healing and being healed through bliss – that’s why we call it Sacred. And the journey we take is through the Heart, because deep down, we are love. We’re out to create a new paradigm for conscious sexual expression and if you’re up for it, we’d be honored for you to join us as a Sacred Love Warrior!

~with love
Matt & Leslie


“Studying with Matt and Leslie has helped me embrace the full yumminess of life. To see the sacred even in the dark, difficult parts of life. To integrate my sexuality into who I am all the time. It’s given me a taste of the deep soulful connection I’ve always longed for in physical intimacy. And it’s opened me up to another way I can bring healing into the world. Everyone! Everyone needs this healing and this joy in their lives! But especially people who are ready to be open and vulnerable and courageous enough to do deep healing work.”
~Alisa, 2017

“This Tantra training was one of the most healing, freeing, and fun experiences in my life to date. Leslie and Matt are extraordinary teachers and hold such immaculate space for all participants to truly feel safe, seen and grow. I was surprised to discover I was carrying some sexual shame and insecurities around sexual energy during the course of this immersion. I am happy to say I was able to confront this with love and shed socially imposed sexual shame, and now able to harness this energy for my ultimate best health, empowerment and joy. Healing through pleasure is a gift and I am so grateful! I highly recommend this program to those seeking to have a deeper understanding and experience with Tantra , who are ready to fully step into there power and want to have the most authentic/deepest loving relationships with themselves, friends, family, co-workers, Lovers, and the DIVINE (WHICH IS ALL). “


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