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Every communal area at Playa Viva is a place for you and your friends and family to enjoy one another within the luxury of nature. Common Area features:

"Thank you for creating such a magical place as PlayaViva! I have travelled extensively through my life, due to my job and I can say that I had one of the best vacations ever! Everything was perfect (minus the mosquitos!), the staff, the food, the best basil margaritas ever! the people that we met there and we will be certainly be back for more! My fondest memory though was when Cassie (such a great girl!) organized the painting of the kids school, very humbling and bonding experience for all of us involved. "
Alessandra Prosperi
Visited Apr. 2011

Every communal area at Playa Viva is a place for you and your friends and family to enjoy one another within the luxury of nature.

Common Area features:

  • Pool and Recreation Areas
    The Playa Viva Pool is NON-TOXIC using locally harvested salt and an ionizer to create natural chlorine. The water is no saltier than your tears and gentle on your skin. The child pool covers 1/3rd of pool structure including a small soaking tub. This is the centerpiece of the Common Area.

  • Reception and Boutique
    All guests are received in the common area once they arrive from the airport or by car. Hosts will give you a brief orientation of the facilities before directing you to your room where your luggage will be waiting for you. Airport ground transportation is complimentary for all guests staying 3 or more nights. A small boutique is located in the Common Area carrying arts, crafts, t-shirts and sundry items you might need during your stay or as souvenirs.

  • Restaurant and Bar
    Some guests think of the kitchen as the heart, or at least the stomach, of Playa Viva. The open air kitchen and our cooking staff invite you to participate in preparing meals and learning how to cook your favorite Playa Viva specialties including simple items such as handmade tortillas or the more complex dishes such as mole. All meals are served family style as we ask you to enjoy sharing meals with your fellow guests. If you ever want to have a private meal for any reason, please let our staff know and it will be arranged accordingly.

  • Yoga Platform and Beach Area
    Several areas are available for yoga including poolside or up in the observatory depending on the size of the group. Playa Viva enjoys close to a mile of uninterrupted beachfront, yet the beach provides a pristine view north and south as far as the eye can see.

    Several palapas have been set up to provide shade for sitting in lounge chairs or in hammocks.

Sustainable by Design
Building the entrance to Playa Viva

Ecology in Harmony
Volunteers assist with waste management.

Extra Layer of Protection

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