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Lots of fun, interesting and exciting events and workshops are happening in Playa Viva throughout the year. A full calendar is available in this section. We are constantly planning new events, so if you have a favorite teacher or topic, let us know or send them our way, or contact us about scheduling your own special event.

"We had a great time and were impressed with many aspect of Playa Viva (we also liked Casa Viva). Your efforts at sustainability were admirable and we were especially interested in your connections to the local community. As a measure of our "afterglow" we would like to bring our family down to celebrate Linda's 60th birthday same time next year. We would also like to include a day of community service (at the school or wherever you think)."
Charles and Linda
Visited Mar. 2011

Playa Viva is hosting several workshops and special events available to our guests in the coming months. For more details on any of these events, please click (as applicable) for more information. Feel free to email or call to inquire about more information or to schedule your own event.

October 25 - November 1, 2014 - Thai Yoga Massage and Ayurveda Immersion - with Jim Kulackoski.
Immerse yourself in the study and practice of the ancient healing sciences of Ayurveda and Thai Yoga massage in the exquisitely beautiful and serene setting of Playa Viva. In this seven day educational retreat, you will learn philosophies and techniques which will enhance your yoga practice as well as your health and the health of others around you.

January 17th - 23rd, 2015 - International Yoga Retreat with Jen Burk Reynolds
This retreat will be an opportunity to unplug from the many distractions of our busy daily lives and reclaim our true nature. Through the practices of vinyasa and mindful meditation, we will release the layers of tension and stress created by the hectic pace of constant ‘doing’ and move into a more natural and sustainable pace of stillness and simply ‘being’ in each present moment.

February 28-March 7, 2015 - Yoga and Circus Eco-voyage 2015 with Catherine Nehme and David Castillo
Come experience unforgettable moments with your family - and newfound friends - in a magical spot by the Pacific Ocean in Mexico. We offer you a unique opportunity to retreat with your children if you choose, to practice Vinyasa Flow yoga with Catherine while the kids are in a playful Circus workshop with David...and finish the days gathering together again over a healthy, organic meal. For a preview of your experience, please watch this video filmed during an earlier retreat led by Catherine at Playa Viva.

In addition to these special classes, yoga classes are available every day except Sunday at Playa Viva. If you are interested in hosting a workshop at Playa Viva please contact us at info at PlayaViva.com.

Ecology in Harmony
Comparison of eggs from Leatherback and Olive Ridley turtles.

Ecology in Harmony
Volunteers assist with waste management.

Extra Layer of Protection

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