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What is Eco-Luxe? What is included in your stay at Playa Viva? What is it like to stay at Play Viva? We provide an all inclusive experience that combines simple elegance and natural luxury. Your every need is cared for while still caring for the environment. Your stay at Playa Viva is more than just a room.

"Playa Viva changed my life. After I left, I felt so much more at peace. It is unbelievably beautiful. Everyone should live like this, all the time!"
Visited Dec. 2009


Every effort has been made to maintain a balance between a commitment to the highest sustainability and a vacation of maximum comfort. When coming to Playa Viva for a day or for a week, your visit will have all the conveniences you need while keeping your ecological footprint to a minimum. Below is some of what is included in the standard package rate as part of your stay at Playa Viva:

- Airport pick-up and drop off
- Deluxe Room with luxury organic sheets and towels, biodegradable organic soaps and lotions, private bath
- All meals served family style including breakfast, lunch, dinner and special surprise snacks and lots of organic ingredients
- All beer and organic tequila (premium wines and liquors are extra, offer for a limited time only)
- Daily yoga class and other complimentary activities offered to all guests
- Transportation to local excursions - just into the town of Juluchuca or all the way to Ixtapa (some excursion fees may apply specific to third party providers)
- Tour of turtle sanctuary, permaculture gardens and Playa Viva Private Reserve

Luxury to us is the attention to detail in service so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest, allowing you to disconnect and reconnect. Playa Viva also maintains the delicate balance between private and group moments. We achieve a sense of community by attracting a wide variety of guests from all ages and walks of life who share a common set of values. Come stay and share in this community.

A Day at Playa Viva

You wake up to the sound of the ocean and birds, rub your eyes as the sun peers in through your open air Palapa. You wander over to the Common Area for morning tea or coffee and a little yoga, breath in the ocean air and stretch out your body to get ready for a new day. After the class, you share a healthy Mexican breakfast with the other guests (family style) in the Common Area dining room making new friends that might last longer than just the week you plan on being at Playa Viva. Afterwards, you contemplate going for a swim or to play volleyball or maybe throw Frisbee, then end up grabbing a boogie board (or a surf board) and head out to catch some waves and a refreshing ocean swim.

Fresh from the ocean, you stand under the outdoor shower and wash off the salt water, then take a cool dip in the pool. What now? You and another guest might head out to the estuary for a kayak ride or maybe up to the permaculture farm to pick salad fixings for your lunch. Otherwise, you might stroll into the library and pick up a book you've been meaning to read and find a comfortable spot to settle into, while others head into town to meet up with the locals and talk about a program to improve the local schools. Soon, the lunch hour approaches and all gather together for light vegetarian fare made from all locally harvested foods. With you as executive chef and the kitchen staff as your sous chef, you fix a salad made with the fresh veggies you picked earlier in the day.

After lunch, you have so many options. You either take a siesta in a hammock, head back to your private suite to read your book, grab some watercolors and capture the local flora and fauna in a sketch pad. Or you may want to grab a mountain bike and head up into the hills for a ride. Or you could take a walk with family or friends in the Private Reserve and venture to the archeological site. In the end, you decide to stay in the Common Area to watch the iguanas sun themselves, the pelicans dive for fish, and if you are really lucky, maybe you’ll catch sight of a dolphin riding the waves or, better yet, a whale breaching in the distance.

As late afternoon descends on Playa Viva, you head over to the turtle sanctuary to meet up with the local volunteers to release baby turtles. This turns out to be the highlight of your stay. You talk to the volunteers about their work and agree to join them tomorrow night to rescue turtle eggs from potential predators and bring them back to the sanctuary. Everyone walks back to the Common Area together. The local fishermen are on the beach tossing out their nets, catching tonight’s dinner. You get a cold beer or a refreshing “agua fresca” - water mixed with fresh fruit - and watch the sun set over the ocean. You raise your glasses and toast the day.

As night falls, you might go back to your private suite to take a shower, come back for a delicious dinner and share stories of your day or of your life's passion with other guests around the big table. Then, you all head into the courtyard to watch a short documentary in the outdoor theatre that one of the guests brought. When the movie ends, the group moves to the living room to discuss the themes of the documentary. After much discourse, the group has reached consensus, having solved all the world's problems, now it’s time for a game of dominoes, as the locals do at this late hour. You play, have a shot of organic tequila and listen to the songs from each other's iPods. Others in the group head to the living room to continue the discussion, read, relax and enjoy just the soft sound of the ocean.

Finally, you all agree that it is time to hit the sack. As you walk back to your suite, you look up and notice the sky is full of a million more stars than you can ever remember seeing. You all stand in marvel lingering under the greatest show on earth. Finally, you make it back to your suite, crawl under the organic cotton sheets, pull a light blanket over you as the light ocean breeze cools you. You hug your partner and savor the moment. Your last waking thoughts are of the cool breeze and the sound of the ocean as it lulls you to sleep.

Then you wake up to the same ocean, the chatter of the birds and the notion of seizing another day, just like the day before, and so you get up to do it all over again - another day in Playa Viva.

Private Casita
outfitted with King Bed and 2 single beds as trundle

Turtle Sanctuary
Learn about the volunteer project to save endangered baby turtles.

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