Playa Viva - Juluchuca, Guerrero, 40834, Mexico
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Testing of Playa Viva's underground water systems indicate the presence of more high quality potable water than we could ever use. Playa Viva is focused on the smart  use and treatment of this valuable resource. Playa Viva is collaborating with Michael Ogden, an expert on constructed wetlands, and his firm NSI. Constructed wetlands are a highly energy-efficient technique for treating raw sewage with local plant species combined with gravel and sand filtration. Working with Dr. Gerardo Ceballos, our team biologist, they're designing a constructed wetland that will not only treat all of Playa Viva's wastewater back to near-potable quality, but will also use that same water to restore the wetlands and irrigate deteriorated ecosystems.

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Additional water access and treatment measures include:

  • Teaching organic agriculture courses to farmers within our watershed in order to ensure that the water flowing into the Juluchuca river and estuaries is cleaner and healthier for the entire ecosystem and for the entire community.
  • The use of low-flow sink faucets and dual flush toilets, which will save thousands of gallons of water per room each year.
  • Eliminating the use of plastic water bottles at Playa Viva. We provide our guests with easily accessible, pure drinking water and reusable drinking containers in order to reduce waste.
  • All hot water is heated by the sun. Passive solar methods are used to efficiently heat water that is used for washing and bathing purposes.
  • The use of native species to provide us with fruits, vegetables, and herbs for our kitchens.
  • Intelligent landscaping. Playa Viva has avoided non-native and water-intensive ornamentals and instead focuses on local, indigenous species that will restore the land. Native edibles provide us with an edible landscape! Since we need to have plants for privacy and shade, why not use varieties that provide edible fruit? Instead of wasting water on ornamentation, it'll be used to feed plants that in turn feed you.


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