Playa Viva - Juluchuca, Guerrero, 40834, Mexico

Privacy Policy

What's Playa Viva's Privacy Policy? 1) we collect two types of information a) your email address to send you a newsletter that you are opting into or b) all the information necessary to book your reservation which includes name, address, email, phone and credit card info. Our credit card info, depending on if your reservation was made directly with us or through a third party (such as, Expedia or other OTA) is held as private as possible. If booked through Playa Viva, the credit card data is PCI compliant and invisible to our team. If through an OTA, your credit card data may or may not be available to our agents. You can opt out of the email newsletter at anytime as we provide, by law, easy "unsubscribe" functionality at the bottom of each email, that simple. As for third parties, we do NOT EVER provide your data to any third party, that simple. All other information about our privacy policy and cookies, remarketing, etc. is best answered by our marketing company GURU. The Gurus at Guru are providing the following information related to online privacy: [Guru, fill in the details].


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