Playa Viva
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Carretera Zihuatanejo-Acapulco
Playa Icacos
40834 Juluchuca, GRO

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20 Melrose Court
San Mateo, CA 94402

"We all loved our stay. The resort is beautiful and the staff is the best ever. We loved them all. Yoga was great each morning. The food was exactly what we wanted. The kids loved the pool. Our only complaint was the biting bugs. They feasted on us. Maybe it is the time of year and would not be as bad at another time. If you can find an answer for the bugs your place would be perfect. Thank you for creating such a wonderful vacation. "
Tillie Botz
Visited Apr. 2011

Window Seat or Aisle Seat: Unplugging Family Vacations
Disconnect to Reconnect - at Playa Viva

April 11, 2012 - columnist Kerri Zane looks at the growing trend of family unplugging vacations and shares the top five tips for going offline when you travel.

Window Seat or Aisle Seat: Unplugging Family Vacations

It seems to me that our world of 24/7 connectivity, originally intended to ease our lives, has rather added a lot more stress and anxiety. Tamar Chansky, Ph.D, author of Freeing Yourself from Anxiety: 4 Simple Steps to Overcome Worry and Create the Life You Want and the leading authority on stress and anxiety disorders said, “We are glued to our technology and we are afraid to let go. If we are truly wanting to function optimally and have a sustainable lifestyle, we must cultivate the discipline to let go.”

So this month, I was on the hunt for a relaxing vacation that did not include TVs, phones, laptops, emails, texting, Wii, iMacs, iPhones or anything else starting with a small i. My goal was to spend quality time with my daughters connecting, exploring and engaging. What I found is a unique sampling of truly unique unplugged destinations, way off the grid.

2. Playa Viva, Mexico - Consciously Unplugged

Sustainable boutique hotel, Playa Viva, is a quick 35-minute ride south of Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa International airport on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. The resorts motto is “Disconnect to Reconnect.” With 200 acres of pristine beachfront property, a mile of private beach, turtle sanctuary, hiking trails, organic garden and an outdoor theater under the stars. The owners guarantee your family will easily forget they have an email account let alone an office address.

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