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"Our time at Playa Viva was absolutely WONDERFUL. As much as we loved the environment and the accommodations, we were most impressed with the hospitality and friendliness of your staff - Julia, Johnny, Chucky, and the kitchen workers. They are truly exceptional human beings and I am a better person now for having met them. "
Visited Jun. 2012

Playa Viva Delivers New Class of Sustainable Vacation to Conscious Consumers
Living tree houses, turtle sanctuary, and hands-on community involvement define eco-resort project.

Zihuatanejo, Mexico (November 29, 2007) -- As consumers make informed decisions about the food they eat, the cars they drive, and the clothes they wear, their attitudes towards vacations have evolved to incorporate a greater emphasis on sustainability. Playa Viva is a new resort and residence community located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico that gives families the opportunity to continue their purpose-driven lifestyles while away from home, without sacrificing comfort or style. These conscious vacations regenerate mind and body, while also regenerating the land.

“Every day we make choices about how we live our lives, raise our children, and better connect with the world around us, and travel should be no different,” said David Leventhal, the project’s founder, environmentalist, husband, and father of two. “Sustainability principles and features at Playa Viva help create long-lasting connections to family, friends, and the environment that enrich our lives.”

Playa Viva is located on 200 acres of ocean-front property approximately 30 minutes south of the Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa International Airport. The landscape, once a coastal forest cleared for now-abandoned coconut palm plantations, is rapidly regenerating due to the hard work of Playa Viva’s resident permaculture team. Seeds from one of the last remaining local, virgin native forests have been collected and a nursery with over 7,000 trees established to raise saplings for restoration work. The project’s designer is relocating existing palm trees to stabilize beach dunes and serve as living piers for the project’s casitas or tree house suites.

All aspects of Playa Viva’s operations are designed to move beyond low-impact and actually restore the land and natural systems. Waste materials will be repurposed into organic matter for the Playa Viva farm and edible landscape, and sewage purified using constructed wetlands. Rejuvenating natural systems also means supporting the local community. From teaching organic agriculture classes to providing alternatives to trash incineration to support of the onsite turtle sanctuary, Playa Viva is redefining the very concept of eco-resort to one of connection and purpose.

Playa Viva comes at a time when some families are experiencing a ‘nature deficit disorder’, a term coined by Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, an account of how children are slowly disconnecting from the natural world. Playa Viva is designed as place for families to reconnect to the land and to each other. From releasing turtles to planting trees to playing in the waves, Playa Viva will transform kids and parents alike. Many other organizations share Playa Viva’s vision and action toward a healthier planet for families, including Women in Balance, Ocean Champions, Surfers Without Borders, Lexus Hybrid Living and more. More details about these Playa Viva partners can be found at www.playaviva.com.

About Playa Viva
Situated on 200 acres of ocean-front property, Playa Viva is a sustainable resort and residence community located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. With more than 80 percent of land protected, Playa Viva is a special place where families enjoy the beauty of Mexico in the guilt-free luxury of an environmentally conscious resort. Playa Viva offers co-ownership opportunities in individual casitas built on raised platforms connected to living palm trees surrounding common, community areas. For sales and pre-opening information, call 1-866-482-8922, email info@playaviva.com or visit us at www.playaviva.com.

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