Playa Viva
Sustainable Resort & Residence Community
1 (800) 397-6093 US
+1 (650) 585 6770 US
+52 1 (742) 112 3000 MEX
Carretera Zihuatanejo-Acapulco
Playa Icacos
40834 Juluchuca, GRO

US Business Office:
20 Melrose Court
San Mateo, CA 94402

"Del 23 al 27 de noviembre mi vida y la vida de mis hijos se transformaron al concer el concepto de Playa Viva, la hospitalidad de cada una de las personas que trabaja alli es muy amable les mando muchos saludos, La Naturaleza, la playa, todo el lugar, el estar alejado de mucha tecnologia es una experiencia maravillosa!!! Los niños estan realmente contentos, mi chiquita de 5 años y alex no hay dia en que suspiren por poder regresar pronto a Playa Viva. Estas vacaciones se transformaron en un contacto con la paz, lo maravilloso de la naturaleza y la cercania con Dios !! Mil Gracias Playa Viva !!!! "
Mónica Nelly Arellano Sánchez
Visited Nov. 2012

DailyCandy - Covers Zihuatanejo including Playa Viva
What's more delicious than DailyCandy - Playa Viva coverage in the DailyCandy, of coarse!

May 5, 2010 - Daily Candy DailyCandy
Travel Guide to Zihuatanejo, Mexico - A Trip to the Coast with the Most

Just because you can’t pronounce Zihuatanejo (zee-wha-tanay-ho) doesn’t mean you can’t travel there. Sandwiched between the Sierra Madres and the Pacific, the sleepy town’s lush landscapes cater to beach worshipers, nature lovers, and those in search of authenticity.

Built into the craggy cliffs above Playa Bonita, the young Capella Ixtapa feels more like a quiet, breezy inn than a resort. Ixtapa’s just five miles north of Zihuatanejo and has (thankfully) matured from its Girls Gone Wild days. For a boutique experience, head to La Casa Que Canta, a 33-room hideaway tucked into the rocks above downtown Zihuatanejo, where the smallest room is a sprawling 689 square feet. Thirty minutes south of Zihuatanjeo, 6-month-old Playa Viva is part ecological reserve (it’s run on solar power), part Robinson Crusoe adventure (stay in an ecoluxe casita made from bamboo) with yoga, excursions to the turtle sanctuary, beer, and three square meals a day included in the price.

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