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Carretera Zihuatanejo-Acapulco
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"Playa Viva was a PERFECT destination for our honeymoon. The whole week we were saying, "I can't believe this. This is exactly what we had dreamed." Everything about it was great and we are continuing to rave to others: the location, the architecture, the food, the activities, and your OUTSTANDING staff. We loved getting to know Johnny, Julia, and Aavi throughout the week; beautiful people. We also love the philosophy behind the place: locally grown food, local workers, and supporting local farms (the family up in the mountains). All of which are near to our hearts. Thank you for everything!"
Visited Jun. 2012

Conservation International's Verde Ventures to Fund Next Growth Development at Playa Viva
November 3, 2010 - Playa Viva Invites Travelers To Help Preserve Mexico's Endangered Sea Turtle Population at “La Tortuga Viva”

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As Playa Viva opens for its second year, travelers to this eco-luxe boutique hotel are invited help preserve Mexico’s endangered sea turtle population at “La Tortuga Viva,” the property’s on-site turtle sanctuary. Recently endorsed by Conservation International’s Verde Ventures fund for its unique regenerative vision, Playa Viva invites travelers of all ages to participate firsthand in this unique conservation effort or support La Tortuga Viva by making a donation to the Ocean Foundation’s “Friends of La Tortuga Viva” fund.

Located just 30-minutes south of Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa International Airport, Playa Viva is situated on 200 acres of land which includes close to a mile of pristine, untouched private beach along the Pacific Ocean. Located at the southeast corner of the expansive property, an all-volunteer staff comprised of local Juluchucan fisherman and farmers established "La Tortuga Viva,” with the mission to protect the thousands of Green (Golfina) or Olive Ridley Turtles and dozens of highly endangered Leatherback (Laud) Turtles, who visit the shores of Playa Viva to lay their eggs.

Guests at Playa Viva are invited to join the team at La Tortuga Viva as they patrol the beaches in the evenings looking for Green and Leatherback turtles or their tracks, collecting nests buried in the sand, and bringing them to the sanctuary to protect them from predators like humans, dogs, raccoons, and others. The eggs are kept safe within a protected incubation pen that keeps them out of the reach of predators. The nests are then marked with the number of eggs, the date the eggs were laid, and the date they are due to hatch. Golfina eggs take approximately 30 days to hatch and Laud take 45 days. Guests can distinguish the eggs by their size"Golfina eggs are the size of a ping pong ball and Laud eggs are the size of a billiard ball.

Each morning, Playa Viva guests and volunteers collect just-hatched turtles from the incubation pen, count them, and take them down the beach. Guests can watch as the baby turtles instinctively scamper into the waves, toward their new lives of roaming the open Pacific Ocean. The turtles come to nest year round, with egg laying peaking during the rainy season, between May and September. These fascinating creatures have varied little in their millennia of existence, surviving many geological and climate changes. However, over the past 50 years of commercial exploitation, poaching, and degradation of nesting and foraging habitats, most species of marine turtle have been placed on the endangered species list.

For those who aren’t able to visit La Tortuga Viva firsthand, Playa Viva has also partnered with the Ocean Foundation to establish a “Friends of La Tortuga Viva” fund. All donations are fully tax deductable and will help Playa Viva provide much needed support and supplies to the all-volunteer staff.

About Verde Ventures:
Verde Ventures is an investment fund managed by Conservation International to provide support for small- and medium-sized businesses that contribute to healthy ecosystems and human well-being. For more information, please visit:

About Playa Viva:

Playa Viva is located near the village of Juluchuca, Mexico, 30 minutes south of the Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa International Airport, which offers 78 direct flights per week, including nonstop service from a number of U.S. cities including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, and Minneapolis. Going beyond being “green” or “sustainable,” Playa Viva is defining a new concept of “regenerative” travel where the property not only preserves, but enhances the environment and the community. Rates range from $195-795, all-inclusive, for rooms depending on season and type of room/suite. For more information on Playa Viva and all aspects of its environmental and community initiatives, or to make a reservation, please visit www.playaviva.com or call 650.292.0432 (in Mexico +52 (55) 5350 3877). Playa Viva is also on Facebook.


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