Playa Viva
Sustainable Resort & Residence Community
1 (800) 397-6093 US
+1 (650) 585 6770 US
+52 1 (742) 112 3000 MEX
Carretera Zihuatanejo-Acapulco
Playa Icacos
40834 Juluchuca, GRO

US Business Office:
20 Melrose Court
San Mateo, CA 94402

"We could not have imagined a better vacation for ourselves and two 16 year olds girls. My daughter came home from her first day back at school yesterday, looked around and said "everything seems so pointless if you can't go to the beach." I think she was responding to the deep sense of purpose and commitment that is so present at playa viva. We were fortunate enough to be part of the release of 67 just hatched baby turtles to the sea. (LIterally be part of, hold them in our hands!) It was a connection to the greater scale of life that is ever present in the world, but that we generally perceive only superficially. Yes, it's an incredibly beautiful, peaceful, quiet place with the most welcoming staff and community one can imagine. Yes it has delicious food served in a lovely outdoor setting with pride and graciousness. Yes, its right on the ocean, with cool breezes and an open feeling that is immediately restorative. But in addition, it is a place that is actively involved in doing something important and something good for the guests, the community and the land. We weren't even to the airport when we each were wondering how we could come back."
Keith and Linda Copenhagen
Visited May. 2010

Catching up with ... Julia Butterfly Hill
4/16/09 - SF Chronicle Datebook

Julia Butterfly Hill climbed down from the tree she named Luna 10 years ago this December. After 738 days, and surviving an El NiƱo winter on the tip of a redwood, her protest turned Hill into an international symbol for environmental activism.

Since then, she's become an inspirational speaker (some 250 events a year), a best-selling author and the co-founder of the Engage Network, a nonprofit that trains small groups of civic leaders to work toward social change.

Now the 35-year-old, based in the East Bay for seven years, is taking a step out of the public eye and moving to Playa Viva, a beachfront sustainable resort in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

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