Playa Viva
Sustainable Resort & Residence Community
1 (800) 397-6093 US
+1 (650) 585 6770 US
+52 1 (742) 112 3000 MEX
Carretera Zihuatanejo-Acapulco
Playa Icacos
40834 Juluchuca, GRO

US Business Office:
20 Melrose Court
San Mateo, CA 94402

"Playa Viva was a PERFECT destination for our honeymoon. The whole week we were saying, "I can't believe this. This is exactly what we had dreamed." Everything about it was great and we are continuing to rave to others: the location, the architecture, the food, the activities, and your OUTSTANDING staff. We loved getting to know Johnny, Julia, and Aavi throughout the week; beautiful people. We also love the philosophy behind the place: locally grown food, local workers, and supporting local farms (the family up in the mountains). All of which are near to our hearts. Thank you for everything!"
Visited Jun. 2012

Brilliantly Traveled: Viva Mexico!
The only real scheduling at Mexico’s Playa Viva is done by nature.

Apr 22nd, 2011
By Jenny Block

The only real scheduling at Mexico’s Playa Viva is done by nature.

It makes sense that nature would be in charge at a place that treats it with such reverence. It’s as green of a resort as I know of, unless you literally want to sleep in the dirt and forage for your meals. Playa Viva, on the other hand, is a luxury resort. No dirt sleeping or foraging required.

The property is the brainchild of David Leventhal who wanted to create a sustainable property that was as gentle to the earth as it was gracious to its guests. Mission accomplished.

Playa Viva is located in Juluchuca, Mexico, home to 500 residents, an hour’s drive from Zihuatanejo. All built from natural, sustainable materials, it’s operated solely by solar power and run by locals. It’s comprised of 200 acres, including its own gardens and a nature preserve. All of it designed with permaculture experts at the helm.

The water from the showers waters the plants. The soaps used are environmentally friendly. Every scrap is composted or recycled and you won’t find a paper towel or paper napkin anywhere. We’re talking WAY beyond low-impact. We’re talking… What’s less than zero impact? Whatever that is, that’s what Playa Viva has going on.

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