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If you are interested in volunteering at Playa Viva, exchanging room and board for your skills and hard work, let us know. We are always looking for great people to be part of the Playa Viva team interested in giving back to the local community and engaging with the local ecosystem. Read below for more information on how to volunteer, FAQ's and How to Apply.
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"Playa Viva exceeded our dreams. I think of the soft breeze and the genuine warmth of your staff and my children’s joy and the pounding surf – you get the idea! Lucky for us you found such a spot and maintain it with the authenticity of the area always in mind. We want to come back. I hope we will be able to. "
Leslie Kessell
Visited Jan. 2012

Playa Viva accepts up to 3 volunteers per month (more if couples who share room) as we are limited by the 3 rooms in the home (La Casa Blanca - The White House) we rent in town for volunteers to use as a "bunk house." Please keep in mind that this is an immersive volunteer experience that requires a long term commitment by each volunteer. We are not looking to provide a short bed and breakfast for free, but rather a have a commitment by each volunteer to engage with the local community and spend at least a month on site with us (shorter stays may be arranged for volunteer with highly skilled offerings coming for short term pre-specified projects - feel free to submit a proposal based on your specialized skills).

We primarily accept volunteers via personal recommendation from guests and Friends of Playa Viva as well as through WWOOF Mexico (the World Wide Organization of Organic Farms Mexico) and from educational programs dedicated to permaculture, sustainable development, hospitality, green building and sustainable design. More information about WWOOF Mexico and more information about Playa Viva's listing on the site here.

We are honored to have volunteers interested in coming and lending their talents and time in exchange for room and board. Here are some answers to some of the FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering at Playa Viva.

1) How do I apply? - Send email with the 10 items outlined below under Application
2) What is the application process? - You send us an email, we review and get back to you for a skype interview. If you qualify, we see if we have a mutually agreed upon set of dates for you to come and we agree on a work/project schedule/deliverables while you are here.
3) What time of work is available and needed? - 5 days per week, 6 hours per day, mostly work in the garden and the local community. We like biologists, gardeners, farmers, teachers, nurses, dentists, etc. who have a trade or skill to give back to the community and the ecosystem.
4) How long can or must I stay? - We require a minimimum of 1 month per above, unless special project based.
5) What if it doesn't work out and not a good fit? - We will both know soon enough and we agree on the right time for you to move on to your next project/location.
6) Why Volunteer? - Hopefully it will be a mutually beneficial experience.
7) What opportunities exist to give back? - This is up to your skills and ability. You get back what you put in. We provide the canvass and expect that you contribute equal to all others involved and do your part.
8) Can I volunteer for projects as a guest? - Yes, let us know your interest and we will see what we can work out: We've engaged guests in painting projects at local school and health clinic to English tutoring classes. Much of it depends on you.

If you have additional questions, please send them to info at playaviva.com.

Playa Viva does NOT discriminate based on age, gender, sexual preference, race, religious beliefs, political affiliation or other characteristics. We welcome all who can genuinely and positively contribute to improving the local community, ecology and ecosystem.

Volunteers to Playa Viva social impact endeavors, permaculture garden, the local turtle sanctuary and other activities are housed in the nearby (3km from Playa Viva) community of Juluchuca, Guerrero, Mexico. This is a small village with a population of no more than 600 people. It is a safe town but you should take normal precautions as you would traveling anywhere. Playa Viva does not ensure your health and security while serving as a volunteer and you will be required to sign a waiver during your volunteer engagement.

Playa Viva provides room and board. This includes your stay at the "Casa Blanca" or "White House" located in the town of Juluchuca which we rent. Volunteers are encouraged to work on improving the facilities at the White House and can be part of your volunteer service. We offer 2 meals a day to volunteers that coincide with the meal time of Playa Viva employees. "Almuerzo" is traditionally at 9-10AM (late breakfast) and then "Comida" or late lunch is served at 2-3PM. You will be invited about once per week (or more depending on the type of work you are doing and the occupancy and guest types at Playa Viva) to join the Playa Viva guests for meals in the main dining room. When invited, you are invited in order to share your experience as a volunteer with the guests to create a realistic and positive experience for the guest and hopefully to have the guests engage deeper with the local community. Julia Garcia, the General Manager of Playa Viva, will be the person in charge of inviting you to join meals with guests.

Volunteers, please keep in mind that guests are paying for their stay at Playa Viva and thus deserve the full and obstructed use of facilities during their stay. As a volunteer, we hope and expect that you will engage with guests in order to provide the guests with a deeper experience through their interaction with the local ecosystem with you as their guide. You are only limited in the use of Playa Viva facilities in that we are all here in support of the Playa Viva guests. The beach, trails, etc. are obviously always available for your use. When a group reserves the entire property of Playa Viva for a private event/stay we are even more sensitive of that parties rights to total privacy of the location. Please check with Julia on status of guests and privacy.

APPLICATION - please include the following information

1. Name
2. Email
3. Current Physical Address (just to know where you are from) if you are traveling, let us know where you currently are located
4. Gender (we need to know if we are going to bunk you with others)
5. Dietary concerns (veggie, vegan, glutten free, sugar free, allergies, etc.)
6. How you found out about Playa Viva and your specific interest in Playa Viva?
7. Brief Description of your interest in working at Playa Viva and what you would like to do/contribute
8. Timing - we ask that volunteers provide at least a month (some shorter based on skills) - please let us know estimated start and stop date
9. Skills, training and background - please specify any technical training including gardening, farming, permaculture, medicine (doctor, nurse, dental, other), biology (and other sciences), mechanics, engineering, electrical, plumbing, construction, other.
10. Projects - please outline any special projects you would like to work on while on site.

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