The Mexican wilderness has inspired a colorful culture and generations of artists. When Playa Viva inspires you and your family, join us in the recreation space to paint, draw, sculpt, make music, jewelry and have fun – all part of our grand design.

"I want to thank you again for the opportunity to be at Playa Viva, we had one of the most relaxing vacations ever, just what we needed! Julia, Evan, Johnnie, Emily, Ellie, Gloria, Jose, Olga and Abram were outstanding! The food was delicious and presented beautifully! The beach was the most beautiful clean beach we have ever seen, usually in Mexico there are beautiful hotels and crappy abandoned houses next to them. The highlight for me was the turtles and seeing the mama lay her eggs. Loved it, and next time I will come prepared with a good flashlight! :) We booked next year for the same week!"
Julie Formosa
Visited Nov. 2012

There are many, many ways for you to immerse yourself into the artistic experience at Playa Viva. From the sway of the salsa rhythms to the vibrant textiles to the poetry of the people of Mexico—you'll definitely be inspired to release your inner Kahlo or Dali.

Indigenous arts and craft tools adorn our space for you and your family to create your very own galleria de arte. We plan to offer artistic retreats and workshops led by accomplished artists of the area and from abroad. If you are an artist interested in engaging with us in customized workshops and presentations, please contact us at: info@playaviva.com

Deluxe Suite
Note King Bed on left and trundle bed on right

Ecology in Harmony
Playa Viva will be a "Garden of Eden," in harmony with nature.

We’re Sprouting!

Plava Viva prides itself on providing its guests with healthful, nourishing, delicious food. Our permaculture gardens provide a good portion of this, and what we can’t produce ourselve... Read this full entry
Playa Viva, un hotel de exito sustentable
July, 2013 - Las Paginas Verdes / Noticias Verdes - Playa Viva, un hotel de éxito sustentablePlaya Viva, un hotel de éxito sustentable... Read this full entry
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