Playa Viva - Juluchuca, Guerrero, 40834, Mexico


FAQs about Volunteering at Playa Viva

We are honored to have volunteers interested in coming and lending their talents and time in exchange for room and board. Here are some answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering at Playa Viva.

1) What time of work is available and needed? - 5 days per week, 6 hours per day, mostly work in the garden and the local community. We like biologists, gardeners, farmers, teachers, nurses, dentists, etc. who have a trade or skill to give back to the community and the ecosystem.

2) How long can or must I stay? - We require a minimimum of 1 month per above, unless special project based. We have found that 3 months is the maximum before volunteers need a change of scenery.

3) What if it doesn't work out and not a good fit? - We will both know soon enough and we agree on the right time for you to move on to your next project/location.

4) Why Volunteer? - Hopefully it will be a mutually beneficial experience.

5) What opportunities exist to give back? - This is up to your skills and ability. You get back what you put in. We provide the canvass and expect that you contribute equal to all others involved and do your part. This reciprocity will be discuss in your interview.

6) What is the application process? - You complete the Online Application. If you qualify, the Volunteer Coordinator (VC) will send you the Volunteer Manual and other material for you to study prior to an online interview. The VC will also contact you to set up a mutually agreed time for a Skype or Google Hangout interview. After the interview you will be notified if you are accepted for one of the few volunteer spots at Playa Viva.

7) How do I apply? - Complete this Online Application

8) Can I volunteer for projects as a guest? - Yes, let us know your interest and we will see what we can work out: We've engaged guests in painting projects at local school and health clinic to English tutoring classes. Much of it depends on you.

If you have additional questions, please send them to


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