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Playa Viva Eco Retreat: Luxury Without Sacrifice

One popular vacation option is choosing to stay at an eco retreat. According to one study, approximately 58 million Americans said they would pay more for travel options that protect and preserve the environment. Playa Viva is such a destination. Located 200 acres along the breathtaking Mexican Pacific coast, Playa Viva is a sustainable boutique hotel that offers luxury without a large environmental footprint.

At a Playa Viva eco retreat, you'll have the opportunity to give back to the local community through volunteer work, engage in a workshop or daily yoga practice, or completely relax knowing that this vacation is supporting an environmentally friendly policy. At Playa Viva, you don't have to sacrifice the finer things while you preserve and protect the local environment.

Our eco-retreat policies include:

● Supporting an on-site nature preserve

● Cultivating edible landscaping and permaculture

● Using cleaner and more abundant energy through our 100% off-grid solar system

● Sustaining our boutique hotel on smart water conservation measures

● Ensuring the minimal consumption of the local aquifer

● Using natural and local building materials

● And depending on the time of year, you may even be able to volunteer at a turtle sanctuary, during which there may be a chance to assist in the release of baby marine turtles.

Spoil Yourself Without Spoiling the Environment

Your accommodations at a Playa Viva eco retreat includes luxury beachfront-view rooms featuring luxurious, locally sourced organic sheets and towels, biodegradable organic soaps made on site, organic shampoo, lotion and conditioner in your private bathroom. At Playa Viva, the authentic meals on your eco retreat are created on-site and served with fresh, delicious, organic and/or local ingredients through our farm-to-table program. Meals are presented on non-disposable dishes in a non-smoking environment.

Playa Viva is an eco-retreat destination that is integrated into the local environment and strives to improve both the surroundings and the local community. Our eco retreat policies encourage sustainability and self-care through increased knowledge and awareness. Whether it is our daily yoga sessions, spa treatments, or organic meals, you can be sure that everything about your eco retreat at Playa Viva is dedicated to balancing sustainability with luxury. At Playa Viva, you don't have to sacrifice your principles to enjoy the memorable vacation you deserve.

Live the Eco Luxury Life at Playa Viva

Playa Vista is an all-inclusive eco-retreat location. Authentic meals with local ingredients are prepared on-site and can satisfy vegan or other diets. Accommodations range from our new oceanfront tree house to a variety of casitas and suites designed to maximize pleasure and minimize stress. It's no wonder that Playa Viva has received multi-year recognitions from TripAdvisor, one of the Internet's leading travel websites. For more information on how to book your eco retreat at Playa Viva, please call (800) 397-6093 or visit