Canasta Viva:

A Basket of Local Organics Delivered to Your Door

The initial members of Canasta Viva surrounding farmer Francisco "Paco" Chavez and his father. Please join us for future visits to the farm and visit the source of your food. This is what Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is all about!
Playa Viva has been working with the local organic farmer, Francisco "Paco" Chavez, in developing a basket or "canasta" of local organic produce for delivery to the local market near Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa, Mexico. This community supported agriculture (CSA) program launched February 25, 2010 with a small group of local residents and restaurants interested in serving and eating healthy and delicious food.

What's included in a Canasta
Tomatoes, Melons, Radishes, Chiles, Onions, Carrots, Cilantro, Beans, Basil, Watermelon, Cucumber and Seasonal Surprises.

We are currently asking members of CSA to sign up for 8 weeks of delivery (one harvest cycle). Members will receive their first delivery in May, when the farm will begin producing. If you are going to be away until the high season, please sign up to receive Canasta Viva now, as Paco, our farmer, needs to plan the harvest in advance and you don't want to be left out.

To sign up or for questions
Send an email to Morgan @ or fill out the form below and in the comments field mention Canasta Viva.

How it works
You become a member and receive high quality organic produce free from chemicals and pesticides without having to leave your kitchen. We pack a “canasta” (basket) full of various vegetables and fruits grown at a local organic farm and deliver the canasta to you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

This is our initial canasta crop, and will include 8 weeks of produce arriving with the first harvest, in about 45-60 days. Thereafter, we as a community will enjoy a steady stream of healthy, local organics.

“Canastas” (baskets) of organic produce will be delivered weekly to members. Membership requires you pay your first two weeks in advance, and pay $350 pesos per week thereafter. A 5% discount is available for paying 8 week harvest cycle in advance. Members may also order more than one canasta per week. .

Becoming a Canasta Viva member means supporting your community and the farmers who grow food in accordance to nature, free of chemicals and pesticides. La Costa Organic Farm located near Juluchuca is certified by Oregon Tilthe and has been operating for 4 years successfully exporting organic basil. Buying local means your food requires less petroleum fuels to reach your plate.

Organics and Health
“You are what you eat” but today as conventional farmers dump chemical cocktails on their crops it’s becoming harder to know exactly what you’re eating. Rest assured that the produce from Canasta Viva is grown according to the highest organic standards, making food better for your body, better for the Earth and better tasting.

See you soon! The Playa Viva Team

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